Nemesis SP-343 - History

Nemesis SP-343 - History

(SP-343: t. 10; 1. 41'9"; b. 12'3"; dr. 2'6"; s. 6.8 k.; a. 1 mg.)

Motor hoat Nemesis, built in 1896 by G. Smith, Patchogue, L.I., was acquired by the Navy 25 May 1917 under free lease from W. L. Suydan, Else Point, L.I.: and placed in service 7 June 1917 for use on section patrol in the 3rd Naval District during World War I. She was returned to her owner 14 December 1918.

(WPC-111: dp. 337; 1. 165', b. 25'3", dr. 9'6"; s. 16k.; cpl. 50;
a. 1 3", 2 20mm.)

Nemesis, built for the Coast Guard by Marietta Manufaeturing Co., Point Pleasant, W. Va., was launched 7 July 1934. She commissioned as a large cruising cutter and assumed permanent station at St. Petersburg, Fla., where she commenced patrol and rescue operations in the fall of 1934.

With the outbreak of hostilities, Executive Order 8929 of l Novemberl941 transferred the Coast Guard to the Navy. In the early months of the war, before an effective coastal "dimout" was inaugurated, Nazi U-boats lay offshore and sank clearly-silhouetted coastal shipping targets. The Gulf Sea Frontier, which included the Florida and Gulf coasts and parts of the Bahamas and Cuba, was defended in only rudimentary fashion during the early months of the war. Initial defenses consisted of the three Coast Guard cutters Nemesis, Nike and Vivoilant, together with nineteen unarmed Coast Guari aircraft and fourteen lightly armed Army aircraft.

In late February 1942 four ships were torpedoed in four days and in May forty one vessels were sent to the bottom by hostile submarine action off the Florida coast and in the Gulf. As sinkings mounted alarmingly in the Gulf Sea Frontier waters American defensive strength in the area began to increase rapidly and overwhelmingly.

Neinesis remained operational in the Gulf Sea Frontier throughout the war. Between February and August 1942 she launched attacks on submarble eontsets on at least five different occasions. She rescued twenty-eight survivors from the torpedoed Mexiean tanker Fajadeoro 21 May and 7 June she rescued twenty-seven from the torpedoed Suwied. The eutter continued to perform vital patrol and rescue missions until the end of the war.

By Exeeutive Order 9666, the Coast Guard officially returned to the Treasury Department 1 January 1946. With the return of peace, Neinesis resumed patrol duties out of her permanent station of St. Petersburg, Fla. She remained in an active status until 20 November 1964, when she decommissioned and was sold to Auto Marine Engineering, Ine., of Miami, Fla.

Nemesis received one battle star for World War II service.

DLC features [ edit ]

In Nemesis the player is able to determine the fate of a destabilizing galaxy. Adding espionage tools, a path to power as the Galactic Custodian to combat endgame crises - or the Menace option to BECOME the endgame crisis - Nemesis gives you the most powerful tools ever available in Stellaris.

Ultimately you will have to make the choice between chaos or control, to take charge of a galaxy spiraling into crisis. Will you find a way to take power through diplomacy or subterfuge, or will you watch the stars go out one by one?

City of Bangor (ship)

Bangor - Is - Coed or Bangor - Is - y - Coed Wrexham Bangor Alabama Bangor California Bangor Iowa Bangor Maine Bangor Air National Guard Base Bangor City
Bangor ˈbæŋɡɔːr is a city in the U.S. state of Maine, and the county seat of Penobscot County. The city proper has a population of 33, 039, making it
USS Bangor PF - 16 was a United States Navy Tacoma - class frigate in commission from 1944 to 1946. Thus far, she has been the only U.S. Navy ship named
the Belfast Bangor railway line. Bangor is situated 13.6 miles 22 km east from the heart of Belfast, not far from George Best Belfast City Airport. The
combine the lines of the former Bangor and Piscataquis Railroad and the Bangor and Katahdin Iron Works Railway. It was based in Bangor and lines extended
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scalped by Apache Indians. Other prominent Bangor architects, many of whose buildings survive in the city and nearby towns, included Calvin Ryder, Benjamin
a Bangor - class minesweeper built for the Royal Canadian Navy in 1940. The first diesel - engined Bangor - class vessel, Melville served in the Battle of the
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HMS Cromer was a Bangor - class minesweepers built for the Royal Navy during the Second World War. The Bangor class was designed as a small minesweeper that
HMCS Medicine Hat pennant J256 was a Bangor - class minesweeper that served with the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War. Entering service
Bangor class HMCS Canso J21 Bangor class HMCS Caraquet J38 Bangor class HMCS Chedabucto J168 Bangor class HMCS Chignecto J160 Bangor class
Granby was a Bangor - class minesweeper that served in the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War. She saw action in the Battle of the Atlantic
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Bangor class HMCS Canso J21 Bangor class HMCS Caraquet J38 Bangor class HMCS Chedabucto J168 Bangor class HMCS Chignecto J160 Bangor class

Resident Evil movies

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Nemesis as he appears in Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

Nemesis, also known as Matt Addison, is a major character in the Resident Evil film series. The character's design was left relatively unchanged, brandishing a rocket launcher and similar attire, but with the addition of a forearm-mounted rail gun, modeled after a heavily modified minigun. Although in the first movie he is still simply Addison, the Nemesis character later emerges as the secondary antagonist turned anti-hero in Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

Matt and Janus are captured by Umbrella just outside the hive entrance Matt began experiencing mutations to his left arm caused by the injury he sustained from the Advanced Licker which scratched him. Dr Sam Isaacs an umbrella researcher notices Matt's mutations and orders he be placed in the Nemesis Program. During the first stage of Mutation Matt's cells began to breakdown, whilst the T-virus fused with Matt's DNA his body began to mutate at an incredible rate. This caused his body to experience extreme increases of growth in height, muscle span and bone structure. Because of this Matt's entire body became extremely disfigured and unrecognizable. The researchers cut away most of Matt's face either to make the Nemesis look more menacing or simply because it was unnecessary to keep parts of its anatomy which were not needed.

During the mutation process Matt was alive and was still capable of independent thought despite the effects that the T-virus had on his body. Once the last stages of mutation were completed Dr Isaacs and his researchers injected Matt with the NE a parasite which takes control of the Hosts brain and prevents it from thinking for itself. This was to ensure that the Nemesis would follow orders and perform specific tasks programed into its brain by Umbrella the parasite was injected it took over Matt's brain preventing him from having any independent thought or awareness. Once this was complete the Umbrella researchers needed to surgically install an inhibitor that would allow them to give the Nemesis specific tasks as well as monitor its activities.

It would also act as a fail-safe if the Nemesis became uncontrollable. In order to do this they had to open up Matt's skull and place the inhibitor inside his brain, this is why he has surgical staples holding his scalp together. Now that the Nemesis program was complete the researchers decided to cover its body with a protective coat resembling leather and most likely containing kevlar to protect its body from high caliber weapons, explosions and extreme amounts of heat. Nemesis was also programmed to use two specific weapons that were custom designed for him, an M134 Mini-gun and a custom built rocket launcher. Due to the size of Nemesis it is easily capable of breaking a fully grown man in two without even putting half its strength into it for this reason it was also programed to use physical attacks to eliminate targets.

As the Nemesis, Matt was programmed by Umbrella to target and kill the surviving S.T.A.R.S. and combat "Project Alice". He presumably could not remember his life prior to the mutation until he squared off against Janus in a fight orchestrated by Cain. After being impaled by the jagged piece of metal by Janus, his actions afterward imply that he remembered her from the Hive incident. Before the nuclear strike on Raccoon City, he helps Janus, Jill Valentine and the others fight against the Umbrella commandos. Nemesis was killed during the battle when a helicopter he shot down crash-landed onto him. His remains were destroyed along with the Raccoon City by the nuclear strike.

In the novelization of the film, he is only incapacitated under the weight of the helicopter. He doesn't actually die until the nuclear strike occurs. The novel also suggests that the Nemesis functioned like another form of consciousness in Matt's body, one that had more control over himself than he did. However, he regained control of the dominant personality in the end and helped Janus.

Nemesis SP-343 - History

The readings listed for a given class day are meant to indicate that you should read those before you attend that class.

31 Jan—Introduction and Overview.

2 Feb—Survey of Russian History.

4 Feb—Origins: Varangians, Mongols, and Others. By Friday, read Thompson, ch 1, 2, 3.

7 Feb—The Rise of Moscow and the Russian State. Thompson, ch 4.

9 Feb—The Political Milieu of Peter the Great. Thompson, ch 5.

11 Feb—Cultural Continuities. Thompson, ch 6.

14 Feb—Writing Workshop I: Beginning the Research Paper.

16 Feb—The Russian Empire in the Eighteenth Century. Thompson ch 7.

18 Feb—The Era of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars: Lithuania, Poland, and Other Conquests. Topic Proposal due for paper no. 1, via by email by 5:00 pm.

21 Feb—From Alexander to Nicholas I. Thompson ch 8. Also, please go carefully through the website by Alexander Boguslawski, "Russian Lubok" (Rollins College)

23 Feb—Russian Society in the Wake of Catherine and Alexander. Read the Wikipedia entry for Ivan Turgenev

AND read three short stories by Turgenev, all from the collection translated as Sketches from a Hunter's Album , or A Sportsman's Sketches :

"Khor and Kalinych" (or "Hor and Kalinitch") (in I)

"Yermolai and the Millter's Wife" (in I)

"Tchertop-Hanov and Nedopyuskin" (or "Chertopkhanov and Nedopyushkin") (in II)

(Get Sketches here, as A Sportsman's Sketches, I. and II.)

25 Feb—Russia vs the Empires: Turkey and Britain. Before class, look thoroughly at the website "Beyond the Pale: Jews in the Russian Empire":

28 Feb—Map Quiz no. 1 . Alexander II and the Era of Reform. Thompson ch 9.

2 Mar—More on the Great Reforms.

4 Mar—Russia and the Approach to World War I. Thompson ch 10.

7 Mar— Nationalism, Empire, and Industrialization. For this class, be ready for the quiz over all of Moss. (Part One only)

11 Mar—No Class. Paper No. 1 due via email, by Friday, March 11, at 2:00PM.

Also, carefully look at the photos and read all the text of "The Prokudin-Gorskii Photographic Record Recreated":

25 Mar—World War I: Outbreak and Eastern Front. Read Thompson, ch 11.

28 Mar— The Bolsheviks, 1903-1921. Readings:

ALSO: Browse heavily in Professor Bryan Caplan's excellent virtual "Museum of Commmunism"

30 Mar— Writing Workshop II. F or this day, please look at the internet photo exhibit on, this one taken from the work of American eyewitness, Donald C. Thompson. The book from which the photos and commentary is taken is called Blood Stained Russia . Be sure to read the commentary as well as studying the photos. There will be a quiz on this book.

1 Apr— Stalin and the Great Experiment. Look carefully at the commentary and images in an electronic exhibit from the Smith College Museum of Art, "Godless Communists." I will be giving out a CD which you can keep. The introduction is here, with links above to "from the curator" and "background" (this one with five subheadings). Please peruse all of this material

4 Apr— International Contexts: Comintern, Party, Fascism, Depression, and More. See the Wikipedia articles on Trotsky (concentrate on the latter part of the article--the post 1924 material)

6 Apr— Stalin Triumpans. The Great Purges, Ethnic Cleansing, and the Holomodor. Read

and an annotated bibliography by the great University of Hawaii Political Scientist, R. J. Rummel:, Democide in Totalitarian States: Mortacracies and Megamurderers.

8 Apr— International Contexts: Poland, the Baltic Republics, and the Coming of World War II. Look carefully over these Stalin-era posters, and be sure to read the accompanying text:

As you do so, ask yourself what kind of information we can glean from such sources.

Topic Proposal due for paper no. 2, via by email by 5:00 pm.

11 Apr— The Great Patriotic War I. Map Quiz No. 2 will also be on this day, the 13th.

Map Quiz No. 2 will also be on this day, the 13th.

15 Apr— The Great Patriotic War: III. Read Wikipedia on Solzhenitsyn:
Alfred de Zayas, "The Wehrmacht Bureau on War Crimes," The Historical Journal , Vol. 35, No. 2 (Jun., 1992), pp. 383-399

18 Apr— Occupation and the Creation of the Soviet Bloc. See the Wikipedia articles on:

20 Apr—Khrushchev to Brezhnev. For class discussion, read about Vasily Mitrokhin's internal KGB report on Soviet operations in Afghanistan between 1978 and 1983:

22 Apr—No Class.

25 Apr—No Class.

27 Apr—The Unthinkable: Thompson, ch. 13 and 14 and the Wikipedia entries on:

29 Apr—The Fall of the Soviet Empire. Also, for class discussion, read

Nemesis SP-343 - History

Movement 344 is a transfer posting from unrestricted stock to blocked stock whereas movement 343 is a transfer posting from blocked stock to unrestricted stock (or a 344 cancellation/reversal).

Both the movements will be associated with only 1 material document (only one MKPF-MBLNR). However both the movements will always have 2 entries in MSEG corresponding to each material document with the second item being automatically created (denoted by MSEG-XAUTO = 'X').

  • An item for the removal from unrestricted stock/blocked stock. (344)
  • An item for the placement into blocked stock/unrestricted stock. (343)

343 - TF Blocked to Unrestricted ( TF - Transfer / First transaction)

344 - TR Blocked to Unrestricted ( TR - Transfer Return / Return transaction)

1) MIGO - Transfer Posting - Mvt 344

Blocked stocks increases and Unrestricted stocks decreases.

2) MIGO - Transfer Posting - Mvt 343

Blocked stocks decreases and Unrestricted stocks increases.

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Nemesis (Cosmic Being) (First Cosmos)

Nemesis was originally the sole being in all of existence. ΐ] Out of loneliness, this cosmic being took part of itself and gave it independent life however, because the entity didn't know good nor evil, and thus didn't will its creations to be good, they turned out to be evil. Displeased with its creations, the entity destroyed them. Α]

The entity ultimately chose to put an end to itself due to its loneliness, forming the Infinity Gems and most of reality. ΐ] The cosmic being's death also brought its creations, the demon horde, back into existence. Α]

When the gems were transported into the Ultraverse, along with several heroes and villains, Adam Warlock pursued them. In that new reality, a seventh gem called the Ego Gem, which had been lost, was found. Once the gems were reunited, they brought back the entity whose death had created them: Nemesis. Β] It was defeated by the Avengers and UltraForce, alongside several alternate reality versions of those same teams. Ώ]

Results [ edit | edit source ]

Robot Wars: 1996 Championship
Main Championship
First Round
First Round vs. TerMinal frenZy Lost
Other Battles
Heavyweight Melee Final vs. La Machine, South Bay Mauler, The Master, DooMore, Tazz, Punjar, Killbborg, Red Scorpion, Merrimac, Namreko 3000, Gutrip, Marvin Lost

The Heroes of Olympus

The Mark of Athena

Nemesis appears in The Mark of Athena on the same island as Narcissus, Echo, and Narcissus's fan club. Leo and Hazel find her opening fortune cookies and changing the fortunes from optimistic to pessimistic (although she does leave alone the fortunes which she believes are enough). Leo initially perceives her as his Aunt Rosa, while Hazel sees her as her former teacher, Mrs. Leer each is someone the demigod in question hated. Nemesis reveals that, after Leo bombed New Rome with the Argo II, the gods of Olympus blamed Hera for the budding civil war between the demigods, causing the goddess to flee from Olympus . Nemesis states that because of this, they can expect no help from Hera. Instead, Nemesis offers her aid to Leo and Hazel, as she considers it her duty to tear down the proud and powerful, and she counts Gaea and the giants as the worst of that category. She tells Hazel that she must save Nico by July 1 at the latest, and informs Leo that he will soon face a problem he cannot solve. Nemesis offers him her help, though she warns that it will come with a painful cost. She gives Leo a fortune cookie, stating that when he opens it, he will have the answer to his problem. With that, she sends the two demigods off to find Narcissus and Echo.

Later, in Rome, Leo finally breaks open his fortune cookie to find the code to unlocking an Archimedes Sphere (though Nemesis is apparently irritated that he used the cookie to find a code). Though he successfully activates the sphere and saves Frank and Hazel from the eidolons, Leo is wracked with guilt shortly after when Percy and Annabeth fall into Tartarus, believing that the loss of the two demigods was the price he had to pay for rescuing his two companions earlier. He then keeps Nemesis' word, telling her he will defeat Gaea and the giants as the rest of the Seven and Nico di Angelo set sail for the the House of Hades.

Our Committment

Here at Nemesis Metals, we value our customers and look forward to providing the best service possible. This all starts with our employees taking pride in the work that they do: Welders, Laser Operators, Press Brake Operators, Machinists and the Shipping department all make sure our customers get their product right… and on time.

Quality starts with each individual checking each part in their department before going to our Quality Control department to be fully inspected and recorded before shipping — we are an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified company. Our Engineers are continually working with our customers to help design prototypes as well as assist in cost-saving re-designs.

Watch the video: USS Nemesis - Prometheus Class