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The epic D-Day offensive ended in hard-fought Allied victory, but it was a shocking, agonizing mission that did not always go to plan. Follow the drama and heroism of the Normandy invasion in this multimedia journey.

Survivors share how D-Day changed their lives forever.

Waverly Woodson Jr., was a medic on D-Day in the only all-black battalion to storm the beach. He worked for over 30 hours straight saving lives while he himself was wounded.

When the Nazis occupied France, five-year-old Bernard Marie believed every man in uniform was a bad guy. The D-Day invasion changed all that.

Native elder Charles Norman Shay was a combat medic with 1st Infantry or “The Big Red One” – one of the first units to land ashore on Omaha Beach on D-Day. It was his very first day of combat in his life.

Frank DeVita was in charge of lowering the ramp on the USS Samuel Chase on D-Day. The role would haunt him for the rest of his life.

Guy Whidden was one of the first to parachute into Normandy on D-Day. A moment of divine intervention would save his life.

Watch the video: WW2. German perspective of D-Day beach landing 1