They find a necropolis in Egypt with 40 sarcophagi and 1,000 statues in very good condition

They find a necropolis in Egypt with 40 sarcophagi and 1,000 statues in very good condition

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A team of Egyptian archaeologists has found a ancient necropolis over 2,000 years old in Menia, south of Cairo, in Egypt, dated to the late period and into the early Ptolemaic dynasty.

In all, eight tombs have been discovered, containing 40 sarcophagi in excellent condition and more than 1,000 statues, in addition to four canopic alabaster jars with hieroglyphic inscriptions, which were used to keep the mummified organs of a high priest.

Among the sarcophagi they found precisely, the mummy of this priest, which was decorated with red and blue jewels, and gilt bronze leaves.

Specialists have ensured that the 40 sarcophagi belonged to his family.

Mostafa Waziri, head of the archaeological mission, has announced that he hopes to make new discoveries in the short term in the Tuna al-Gabal area, where another necropolis with 17 mummies was found in 2017.

It is also known that in this area there are a funerary building and a large necropolis with thousands of ibis birds and mummified baboons, as well as other animals.

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