Canada confirms discovery of HMS Terror in Arctic

Canada confirms discovery of HMS Terror in Arctic

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The Parks Department of Canada confirmed last Monday, the discovery of a British exploration ship that had disappeared in the Arctic in 1846 when conducting a scan at the site.

The statement came two weeks after scientists from the Artic Research Foundation they announced they had found the ship HMS Terror submerged but very well preserved, 24 meters under the sea in the Northwest Passage.

In fact, on this site two ships sank, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror both at the same time, those who in 1845 left under the command of Sir John Franklin. The Erebus had been found in 2014, while the other ship's whereabouts had been unknown until now.

The remains of the members of the expedition were found on Beechey Island, where they arrived in an attempt to reach the mainland but without being saved. Among the causes of death of the crew were starvation, cold and lead poisoning caused by canned food.

Although the wreck belongs to Britain, the Canadian government said it is in talks with its peer to preserve the archaeological site.

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