Pompeii reopens its museum after 36 years closed

Pompeii reopens its museum after 36 years closed

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The Pompeii Museum has reopened after 36 years closed. His new exhibition includes a living recreation of the time the city was destroyed in AD 79, when the Vesuvius volcano erupted, burying the city and its inhabitants under a thick layer of volcanic ash.

Temporarily closed after the bombings of World War II, the museum failed to survive the 1980 Naples earthquake and closed definitively.

«We decided to show one of the molds that was already on the Museum's program before the bombings of the Second War. It is a cast of one of the victims of the Vesuvius eruption. After 1863, when the archaeologist Giuseppe Fiorelli created this technique in which liquid plaster is poured into the hardened ash that surrounds the body of the victim, more than 100 molds of this type were created«, Explained Sara Matilde Masseroli, museum restorer.

With the permanent exhibition called «Sacra Pompeiana«, Dedicated to the places of worship in pre-Roman Pompeii, the exhibition continues in the Villa Imperiale, a luxurious building from the year I that until now has not been open to the public.

Here the video of the news published by Euro News:

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Video: Behind the Scenes of the First Excavation of Pompeii in 70 Years


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