Israel digitizes the contents of its museums

Israel digitizes the contents of its museums

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The new Internet portal that Israel has launched is a door that allows the general public from all over the world in a simple, simple and fast way to access to Israel museum collections from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

The "Museums in Israel-the National Portal" portal is the first project of its kind to show Israel's efforts to preserve culture and heritage in the digital age.. Not only those who have Internet will be able to enjoy the fabulous collections, they will also have access to many contents thanks to ‘Europeana’, the European digital library. This initiative is one more step in digital preservation and it strengthens the Department of Heritage as recognized by those responsible for many museums.

Dozens of museums in Israel have organized permanent and temporary exhibitions throughout the year. But nevertheless, the pieces shown in the exhibitions represent a small part of the collections, and are accompanied by other objects on loan from other museums and other public and private collections in Israel and abroad. Museum warehouses are stocked with many objects, which are not normally available to researchers or others interested in viewing entire collections to learn about the history of Israel. All those items will be available in the portal.

The portal is the place where know the variety of content and information that Israel's museums have, their permanent and temporary exhibitions and the objects in the museum's collections. The portal is open to all audiences in Israel and elsewhere and has been developed to address the needs of all audiences: researchers, students, teachers, and tourists.

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