The largest Nazi military collection

The largest Nazi military collection

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Kevin Wheatcroft is a 55-year-old Englishman who has in his possession the largest collection of Nazi objects and military vehicles valued at 100 million pounds. Accumulating these things cost him decades of searching, traveling and negotiating and for many years he kept his collection only visible to family and friends but now he has decided to open it to the public, as reported by ‘The Guardian’ newspaper.

«I want the public to see all this. There is no better way to understand history. But I'm just a man and there's a lot of stuff«Wheatcroft commented about his desire to display his articles and machines.

The British man has managed to collect 88 tanks after traveling through North Africa, the Russian steppes or the Sinai Peninsula. There are also hybrid vehicles. Among the curiosities of the collection are the door of Hitler's cell from his stay in Landsberg prison after he was sentenced to prison for the ‘Putsch‘From Munich. During his stay in prison he wrote his famous book "My fight."

The trade in Third Reich antiquities is banned or heavily restricted in Germany, France, Austria, Israel, and Hungary.

Wheatcroft is the son of a millionaires who lived his passion since he was very young. At the age of five his parents gave him an SS helmet, Adolf Hitler's personal guard. At fifteen, Wheatcroft spent the money his grandfather gave him for his birthday on three World War II Jeeps, which he restored and sold himself. When he got older he kept investing his money in war vehicles and tanks and worked at an engineering firm in Leicestershire, which is where he currently resides. From a young age he began to travel through Europe and North Africa looking for tanks and military vehicles to restore them later.

Wheatcroft has a fortune of about 120 million pounds thanks to his father's inheritance, the Motor Museum that he runs and the possession of a Donington Park race track, which has allowed him to finance his repertoire of Nazi vehicles and objects, the 'Wheatcroft Collection'.

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