Remains of 2,000-year-old Roman Legion camp unearthed in Israel

Remains of 2,000-year-old Roman Legion camp unearthed in Israel

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Rome had all Palestine under its rule between the 1st and 2nd centuries AD, and at that time there were two Jewish uprisings against the Romans. The establishment of a Roman Legion As an outpost in Galilee it could have existed to prevent the 2nd century revolts from spreading to the north, and this camp, the only known of its kind in the eastern part of the Roman Empire, is now being excavated.

This place is in Legio, near Megiddo in what is now northern Israel. It was the headquarters of the Sixth Legion, located there after the Jewish Revolution of AD 66-67. and probably maintained order during the Bar Kochba rebellion between AD 132-135. in Galilee.

The Times of Israel‘Reports that the Roman rulers installed two legions in Palestine to maintain order, including the one that is being excavated near Megiddo (the other is Jerusalem). The permanent location of military personnel of the Sixth Legion has recently become known.

Excavations have been carried out by the Archaeological Research Institute and the Israeli Antiquities Authority, in addition to aerial surveys of the area and soil analysis of the area, which indicated that there had been a Roman military structure.

Archaeologists have been excavating a large building that may have been the commanders residence, where they have found ceramic tiles with tiles that were inscribed with the Legion mark, sewers and various buildings. All these constructions suggest that there was an outpost barracks in the place.

Matthew J. Adams, of the Albright Institute and co-director of the excavation, has stated the following: «All of our knowledge of Roman military architecture, and especially of the Roman legions of this period, comes from the posts of the Western Empire, Germany, Great Britain, and Gaul.«.

The Romans had a difficult situation on their hands in the 1st century AD. because, as Adams explains, they were before a "rebellious" population and it took them four years to control it after the first uprising took place. The Roman military establishment was at a crossroads between Megiddo, the Sea of ​​Galilee, and Damascus.

«As a result of the first Jewish revolt, the emigration of large numbers of the Jewish population to northern Judea began.«, Explains Adams. «Galilee gradually became a center of Jewish activity. That is probably why a Legion moved to that place, to control the population that could rise«.

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