New Egyptian museum under construction in Cairo

New Egyptian museum under construction in Cairo

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Hundreds of objects that have never been exhibited before from the tutankhamun's tomb will now be revealed in the new ‘mega’ museum that is being built near the Pyramids of giza. "We are studying how the objects were manufactured at that time and they will be exhibited in the new museum when it is ready," commented one of those responsible for the museum.

The new museum, nicknamed «Tutankhamun's new house«, Was conceived almost a decade ago and is still far from being completed.

Years of political unrest and financing problems have delayed the building's construction. Authorities announce that the museum will open in 2022 and not this year as planned. About 5,000 workers are struggling to build the 47-hectare museum near the pyramids. About 100,000 objects will be on display in five zones, including the complete Tutankhamun treasure with about 4,500 objects.

The tutankhamun mummy It will remain in the Luxor Valley, where it was found in 1922.

The museum warehouse.

Founded in the 19th century, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, known as the Cairo Museum, has been the center of the country's pharaoh jewelry collections.
"The current Cairo Museum is like a warehouse, it is dark and has hundreds and hundreds of exhibits lying around," declared the renowned archaeologist and former Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass.

About 60,000 objects are exhibited in the Cairo Museum, including more than a dozen royal mummies with more than 100,000 objects kept in warehouses.

Former Culture Minister Farouk Hosny said the idea of ​​building a larger museum came to mind after his visit to Paris, where an expert explained that the Cairo Museum looked like a warehouse.

"I felt wounded in the soul and then I thought about building a great museum near the pyramids," he explained.

Experts have criticized the authorities because, from their point of view, the Cairo Museum is not well maintained. In the new museum he will display the objects in a thematic way, as reported.

Cost overruns.

The delays in the construction of the new museum are due to cost overruns. Antiquities Minister Mamdouh Damaty has said that a cost of 972 million euros was not expected, but the riots and the revolution that occurred in Egypt in 2011 increased the costs of the works and began to produce delays.

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