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Editorial Planeta brings us through its Watchtower Collection "The Tower of Pride" by Barbara W. Tuchman, set in the 25 years prior to the First World War, a period known as Belle epoque although little of «beautiful»Has had and says very little about what happened at that time.

The scandal of the process a Alfred Dreyfus and the outbreak of worker discontent, collided with the great parties that took place to the beat of various waltzes and even the birth of the imposing Russian ballet.

These contrasts are what Tuchman highlights in his novel, giving prominence to various figures and events in a historical moment in which we found a sleepy Europe and another convulsed, but both totally oblivious to the clues that were given in the day to day that everything would end with the outbreak of World War I, an episode that caused enormous changes in ideas and beliefs.

Barbara Tuchman (New York, 1912-1989), was an American journalist and historian who stood out with publications such as «The Zimmermann Telegram»(1959) and«The canyons of August»(1962), the latter's work that enshrined her as a World Historian in addition to leading her to achieve the precious Pulitzer Prize.

«Tower of pride»(1966) and«Stilwell and the American Experience in China»(1971), her two subsequent works, ended up raising her world level, in addition to winning her second Pulitzer for the last mentioned work.

After studying History at the University and after many previous tests, Red Historia was born, a project that emerged as a means of dissemination where you can find the most important news of archeology, history and humanities, as well as articles of interest, curiosities and much more. In short, a meeting point for everyone where they can share information and continue learning.

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