Exceptional sculptures discovered in Hampi (India)

Exceptional sculptures discovered in Hampi (India)

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After a hike up Gandha Madana Hill, T.M Keshava, superintendent of the Institute of Archeology of India, and his team discovered some exceptional sculptures carved into a rock at Hampi, also known as the City of Victory, which was the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire between 1336 and 1565.

Have been found vishnu sculptures, carved into the cliff of a giant boulder cliff. Next to it was a sculpture of Branch, in shooting position, next to Lakashmana, all dressed in royal robes, with Hanuman in the background.

The sculptures have been dated to the period of the Vijayanagar Empire and they were found under thick vegetation. «These finds may be from the early period of the Vijayanagar Empire“Explained Superintendent Kesahva, who has done very detailed studies on excavations at Hampi.

There are still many things to discover in Hampi, and from the Institute of Archeology of India they have affirmed that they are going to make the place where the sculptures were found to continue inspecting and to take pictures and get to know the area well, with the aim of helping to preserve the place.

Via The Hindu

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