What is the myth of Galatea, Polyphemus and Acis?

What is the myth of Galatea, Polyphemus and Acis?

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Galatea, daughter of Nereo, it was one beautiful marine nymph what he inherited the beauty from his mother Gaea always being represented as a virtuous young woman with a white complexion. He lived in the sea and was always the object of desire of the giant cyclops Polyphemus.

This cyclops was ugly, huge and gross, the antithesis of Galatea. He was the son of the nymph Toosa and the god of the sea and oceans, Poseidon.

As much as he wanted her, Galatea only had her heart for him. beautiful young man Acis, son of another nymph and the god Pan.

The myth of Galatea and Acis

One day, both Acis and Galatea They rested and enjoyed themselves by the sea, looking at each other, talking and smiling in an accomplice way, but they were discovered by Polyphemus And since then, every day he watched them secretly, as this was the only way to be a little close to his beloved.

On one of these escapades Acis tried to do something to Galatea that Polyphemus didn't like at all, who came out of his hiding place scaring them all, especially the young man, whom he ended up killing by throwing a heavy rock on him while he fled in terror from the one-eyed giant.

This did not please Galatea, who ran off to her lover who was lying on the ground lifeless. She tried to revive him by all means, but could do absolutely nothing because he was not already in the world of the living.

Galatea just wanted to cry and cry over the loss of her beloved, so asked the gods for consolation, who made the blood coming out of Acis's body and Galatea's tears in a very deep and large river, so that they could be together forever, mingled with each other.

Other versions of the myth

There are several versions of this myth, which have been appearing throughout history and where they have varied on many occasions.

In one of them, Galatea devoted herself to satisfying and worshiping Polyphemus instead of Acis.

In other, Galatea decided to accept Polyphemus's love and that he had three children with him: Galata, Celto and Ilirio, who are said to be the eponyms of the Galatians, Celts, and Illyrians.

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