Five giant Bronze Age axes unearthed in Denmark

Five giant Bronze Age axes unearthed in Denmark

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Five great axes from the Bronze Age They have been found in a field in Boest, near Norre Snede, on the Jutland peninsula, the museum has reported to the press.

The axes are really very big and they have twice the size of those commonly foundexplains Constanze Rassmann, museum restorer. "To date, only five axes like the five that we have found have been found throughout northern Europe. It's fantastic"Rassmann enthusiastically declared.

The axes have been dated to 1,600 BC., so they are the oldest from the Bronze Age found in Denmark. The five bronze axes are 12 inches tall and contain about a kilo of pure metal, indicating how incredibly rich the site of Boest was in the Bronze Age, something that recent finds have already pointed to.

Archaeologists wonder if the axes would be buried as part of a ritual on purpose. «The axes are very beautiful, they were carefully placed close to each other and it is as if they had been buried in some kind of sacrifice to the gods«, Rassmann explained to the newspaper Vejle Amts Folkeblad. The intention of the ritual has been emphasized by a new find at the site of the excavations, where they have found the traces of four rows of posts that extended for more than 100 meters.

«From this period, around 1,600 BC, we only know of five other axes that have been found scattered throughout Germany, Denmark and Sweden, but the finding of five other axes in one place is a first for the archaeological world.«, Rassmann has declared in the newspaper Skanderborg. Axes are being restored at the Midtjyalland Museum and then they will be taken to the National Museum of Denmark, in Copenhagen.

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