They discover a 19th century boat in Toronto

They discover a 19th century boat in Toronto

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During an archaeological excavation, the remains of a 19th century boat in Toronto. The vessel, dated before 1830, is incomplete and was found in a place where the Concord Adex company was working.

«We are very proud to be part of this discovery"Said Michael Hopkins, Construction Manager for Concord Adex,"a find like this marks an important point in history and innovation”.

Recent discoveries have motivated the city to adopt different priorities, in this case, making the archaeological find worth more than the constructions modern.

The vessel was found by ASI, a firm dedicated to archeology and cultural heritage that began work in March. David Robertson, project manager, states that the remains of the boat are the oldest found in Toronto and the plan now is to continue with a rigorous study to find out as much information as possible about the boat, but even so, he affirms that they do not yet know if the remains can be adequately preserved.