Islamic State attacks ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud

Islamic State attacks ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud

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The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Iraq announced yesterday that the Islamic State has attacked with bulldozers (type of bulldozer used to remove soil) the ancient archaeological site of Nimrud, in the north of the country, being the latest in a series of attacks on the country's past that the group has carried out in the name of its harsh interpretation of Islamic law.

In a statement, the Ministry stated that “ISIS (or ISIS) terrorist gangs continue to defy the will of the world and the feelings of humanity after committing a new crime«.

Nimrud was a city founded by the Assyrian king Shalmanasar I, who died in 1245 BC. Among the most impressive objects in the city of Nimrud are its colossal statues known as'Lamassu«, Mythological creatures that represent both lions or winged bulls with human heads and beards.

George C. Papagiannis, official delegate of UNESCO World Heritage in Iraq from 2009 to 2011 expressed that the loss of any object of Nimrud is a very hard blow for the historical preservation. «Extremists are trying to destroy the entire cultural heritage of the region in an attempt to rewrite history in their own image«.

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