Ancient ship remains discovered in China's Xi’an province

Ancient ship remains discovered in China's Xi’an province

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There is nothing like peering into the digital world and discovering that archeology and history are on their way, unable to stop but providing us with different news that, although they are coming to us by the drop in many cases, never cease to surprise us and provide us with a large volume of information about different cultures, peoples, events, characters, etc.

One of the most recent news in the sector takes us to China, where a group of archaeologists has discovered the remains of an ancient ship wrecked in what was once the bed of the Weihe River, currently located in the suburbs of Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi province, northwest of the Asian giant.

Shipwrecks have always managed to get everyone's attention, not only from the international community of archaeologists and historians but also from a large number of people who are dedicated to studying this subject and from whom we can also learn many things about what the place where the ship was wrecked was like before, knowing more about the inhabitants of the area, what life was like and also the reasons for the shipwreck among others.

To prevent the wreck from being altered by inclement weather, archaeologists covered the remains with a tarp. When the temperatures dropped, the cleaning of the remains could begin, although it has been declared that it is still early enough to reveal much data.

What is known is that the ship's frame has not been completely removed from its bed, so carbon-14 tests cannot be carried out, which would reveal almost 99% effective when this ship was built, which could also reveal a lot of information, but for now you have to be patient and wait for the archaeological work to run its course and the ship can be properly cleaned for a better study.

One of the most unique characteristics of this news is that the researchers are facing a problem with this find since these remains were discovered in two different places, so it is necessary to continue investigating to know if they are two different ships or if It is the same one that was split into two parts.

All of us who like archeology and this kind of news about shipwrecks, we can only wait and see how the news reaches us from this latitude to learn more about this mysterious ship found in Xi’an.

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